Creative Claythings

Studio Membership

Creative Claythings is proud to offer monthly studio memberships for those who wish to work on their own.  Of course, we can't just give you a key and let you spend the night on the first date. You need to buy us dinner first. Maybe take us to a nice romantic movie. We're too young to settle down quite yet...

Membership Summary

- Membership price: $80 per month
- Discount class price: $20 per month
- You get your own key: $15 security deposit
- Clay: $.50 per pound A BISQUE AND A GLAZE FIRE
- Glazes: buy your own cone 05 and 06 glazes
- Tools buy your own and keep on your shelf.
- Initial commitment: 4 month contract
- Subsequent commitment: 30 day cancellation

CLASSES TAKE PRIORITY.  Studio use on non-class times and days.

So here's the lowdown-

Studio membership is $80.00 a month.

You will have your own shelf space for storage and unlimited access to the studio by way of your very own key.

The clay is a white low-fire earthenware talc body and must be purchased from our studio (we don't want any red clay tainting our white clay and
making it pink!)

The good news is that we always have clay available for $.50 a pound- SO CHEAP!!! The cost of clay also includes both a bisque and a glaze firing, so no extra charges if you want your work to actually get finished by your own hands.

You will need to buy your own cone 05 and cone 06 glazes.

There is an initial minimum contract for 4 months. After the initial 4 months you have the option of a 30 day cancellation (this locks in the cost of your studio membership until you decide to cancel.)

Members who leave in "good standing" go to the top of the waiting list when they decide to return.

When you find this activity as exciting and fulfilling as we do and your busy schedule allows, then it makes sense to invest more time and money.
Besides, its cheaper that hanging out in the bars and pool halls.

Plus you get AWESOME stuff made by your very own two hands that you can give as gifts to your loved ones, make a little extra $$ by selling it at the street fairs we participate in, or hoard for you very own unique family heirlooms.

But wait... there's more! As a bonus, you get to take the weekly intermediate/ advance class for... wait for it... only $20! *GASP*

How do you like them apples?