Creative Claythings

Welcome to Creative Claythings!

For over 38 years Creative Claythings has been the most affordable and fun ceramics teaching studio in Chicago.

We offer effective teaching practices that guarantee you to have at least 6 successful pieces that you can be proud to show off!

Currently, masks are required!

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What makes us so great?

We are professional (and super nice, too!)

All instructors are proficient in both hand-building, wheel throwing, and the exquisite art of the Samurai sword.

Specialized techniques have been developed by our staff to compensate for the "tactile memory" and specific muscle development gained only through time and experience.

Work by our staff is shown in galleries, at art fairs, and sold on the internet and in real life to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Our studio has a great atmosphere!

Class size is limited to 11, which is the ideal number of people to make things interesting, but intimate enough to assure individual attention from the instructor.

We are dedicated to bringing you the well-documented stress reduction and healing properties of clay. Creating an emotionally safe, fun, and educational atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion is our priority.

The classes are structured to facilitate positive interaction and easy conversation. So if you have friends, bring them with you!

If you are new to the city or the neighborhood, we make it easy to meet new friends. Whatever  your goals are for taking the class, you will find this activity personally empowering and pretty darn entertaining.

The studio is safe & clean!

Our studio has a filtration HVAC system and a cleaning schedule designed to keep dust down. Every month we hose the whole place down and wash the tools and equipment. Come on by if you find yourself especially dirty and we'll hose you down too!

We also only use non-toxic glazes that conform to the ASTM federal non-toxic and dinnerware safe standards for Low-Fire White Talc Earthenware.

Please note that Creative Claythings is an 21+ studio space. 
Not that we don't love kids. We used to be kids ourselves!
We have chosen to remain child free so that Chicago's parents and friends of parents have a place to creatively express themselves without worrying if little Johnny is eating his clay or
sit-n-spinning on the potters wheel.

Also, all of our instructors teach children for a living during the day, so at night we like to kick up our heels and have a grown-up conversation.