Creative Claythings

Our Facilities

2 electric kilns? Check!  
Slab roller? Check!            
Clay extruder? Check!
11 electric potters wheels? Check!
Glaze in every color of the rainbow? All of the primary colors Check!  
Slump molds, stamps, textures, carving tools and clay humidors?
Check, check, check, check, and check!
Phew! We gotta lotsa stuff for you to use...
Our Old Workhorse and our
Brand-New Beauty.
Best. Kilns. Ever.

What the heck is that tennis racquet for? Why is it in that sink full of clay goo? Well sir, you'll just have to stop by and find out!
Some of the gear we use to load up the kilns for bisque and glaze firings.
We reprocess a lot of our clay which produces the most luxurious and pliable clay body around. Reprocessed clay has superior strength and elasticity, perfect for beginners on the pottery wheel!
Working hard or hardly working in the main studio room.
Here is the main gallery space. This is the room you will enter upon arriving at our studio.