Creative Claythings
About Us
Creative Claythings had it's humble beginnings in January of 1979 under the name Chicago Fire and Earth in a small storefront on Lincoln Avenue. In May of 1983, the business was sold and expanded from a dedicated teaching studio to include a gallery. At that time there were no outlets, (except for the rigorous art fair circuit) for the talented ceramicists of Chicago. Existing galleries chose to show the work of East and West coast artists while our own local talent had their works packed in boxes.

2003 found the studio and gallery looking for a new home and was glad to find the spacious and airy location at 2255 W. Grand Avenue. The heart of muddy creativity is now beating away in West Town... come join us for some good clean dirty fun!
Mary Haas: Studio Owner, The Boss, The Spit-fire

With over 29 years of teaching pottery under her over-all straps, Mary has plenty of experience. She will use this experience to kick your butt into gear on the pottery wheel. She will also probably tell you a hilarious, somewhat saucy story while you are elbow deep in some of her finely prepared low-fire earthenware clay.  As Mary would say, "It's more than a notion..." but it sure-as-heck is worth it.

Ana Spencer:  The Mischievous One
Monday Night Intermediate Class Instructor

Dreads? Yes, have some. Ana's degree in Ceramics from Northern Michigan University has served her well over the years. She has used her knowledge to make ceramic cupcakes as big as your head. She has also created some amazing fuzzy flocked pottery pieces with long pom-pom and pink ribbon tentacles that you can hang on your wall to intrigue your friends and enemies. Ana is also one of the beginning pottery instructors, so if you see her blue watch laying around after class, make sure you tell her where it is. She is forever forgetting to put it back on her wrist.

Click here to see Ana's work

Dan Waters: The Commodore
Tuesday Night Beginner Instructor
Dan is a a potter and a captain characterized by enviable patience. Whether you want to learn the pottery wheel or hand-build, Dr. Dan is your man. 

He rides his bike to class rain or shine and he likes blue. 

A more complete bio is coming soon...
In the meantime,  Click here to see Dan's work

Shawn Vincent: The Wise One
Thursday Night Advanced Instructor

Shawn is the wonderful wisdom nugget dropping teacher of the intermediate/ advanced classes. She has a degree in Biology and Art from Western Illinois University. She makes stunning bowls encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and her husband really loves Bruce Springsteen. Wanna make a ceramic Unicorn? How about a 1/16th replica of the Tower of London? Shawn's 19 years of teaching experience at Creative Claythings is bound to be help your dreams come to life.

Jenna Isbell: The Chill One
Tuesday Night Beginner Instructor

Jenna earned her BA in Ceramics and Asian Studies at Augustan College. Her education best prepared her for two things: teaching beginning ceramic students and making recommendations on the best tasting organ meat dishes in China Town. She prefers her ceramics the same way she prefers her men, functional.  The challenges of making something creative but useful keep her coming back for more.  As a teacher she wants to help her students relax and make something that they can proudly gift to not just their moms.

Click here to see Jenna's work